Flute Choir

Flute Choir

A flute choir is a great way to foster learning, teamwork and musical enrichment to young flutists and band members.

Ideally suited to students with at least one year of study under their belt. A class of up to eight flutes.

The ensemble can even be expanded to include parts for piccolo, alto and bass flutes.

The flute choir is a very special environment wherein students can learn to play together, as a unit; as an ensemble. The skills honed in this setting will serve to enhance the young musicians’ participation in the music community at St Margaret’s.

MUST JOIN THE BAND to participate to Flute Choir!

25 weeks program

Cost: $450

Materials: instrument, notebook, pencil; photocopying/music purchase

Events: perfect addition to school assemblies, community events, Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, Maggie Music Musical Tea etc

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