2022-2023 Fee Schedule


Valid July 1st 2022 until June 30th 2023

You will receive your invoice via MyMusicStaff.com upon confirmation of schedule

Payment must be received prior to first lesson 

late fees  (1%) will apply after 7 days. NO EXCEPTION.


 Lesson Fees for Full Term .   30 minutes class=1042.5

45 minutes class= $1539

60 minutes class= $2040

2 installments for full term

to be paid upon registration

then Jan 15th  

 Please note the $10 processing fees for installments

30 minutes class= $705+$347.50

45 minutes class= $1036+$513

60 minutes class= $1370+$680

Hourly Fees

Monthly Payment hourly for lessons will be on a per case basis and always paid a month ahead and subjected to processing fees.($25)

30 minutes class=$34.75

45 minutes class= $51.30

60 minutes class= $68

$5 per International wire transfer  processing fee

We would prefer that you pay for full term by e-transfers or IWT

Please have a look at the registration policies:   http://www.maggiemusic.ca/maggie-music-registration-policies/