Monik Nordine, Saxophone/Clarinet

As one of BC’s top soprano and alto jazz saxophonists, Monik Nordine has a powerful, lyrical, and impressive command of the saxophone. She has received several prestigious arts awards and performed on the JUNO-nominated Cruel Yet Fair, with the Hard Rubber Orchestra.Monik has shared the stage with award-winning musicians Hugh Fraser, Campbell Ryga, Michael Buble, […]

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Youth Fife Choir

The fife is a great alternative to the recorder for students keen on eventually playing flute. With its smaller size and lightweight plastic materials, a Yamaha fife is easily kept clean, is made of a durable material and the right size for the younger student.     This ‘class’ would be for 3-6 students 20 […]

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Flute Choir

A flute choir is a great way to foster learning, teamwork and musical enrichment to young flutists and band members. Ideally suited to students with at least one year of study under their belt. A class of up to eight flutes. The ensemble can even be expanded to include parts for piccolo, alto and bass […]

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