Flute Choir

A flute choir is a great way to foster learning, teamwork and musical enrichment to young flutists and band members.

Ideally suited to students with at least one year of study under their belt. A class from 4 flutes up to eight flutes.

The ensemble can even be expanded to include parts for piccolo, alto and bass flutes.

The flute choir is a very special environment wherein students can learn to play together, as a unit; as an ensemble. The skills honed in this setting will serve to enhance the young musicians’ participation in the music community at St Margaret’s.

25 weeks program

Cost: $250-$450 depending on the number of students

Class are on Mondays 

Materials: instrument, notebook, pencil; photocopying/music purchase

Events: perfect addition to school assemblies, community events, Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, Maggie Music Musical Tea etc