Youth Fife Choir

The fife is a great alternative to the recorder for students keen on eventually playing flute. With its smaller size and lightweight plastic materials, a Yamaha fife is easily kept clean, is made of a durable material and the right size for the younger student.

This ‘class’ would be for 3-6 students

20 weeks course

We can accomodate younger students on a case by case basis. (Kindergarden)

This class would run for 30min. Students could start from grade 1 on.

Class outcomes

  • Fun, age appropriate learning outcomes including:
    • Enhance communication skills
    • Learn to read music, identify musical notation, terms etc
    • Foster teamwork, cooperation and self-accountability
    • Participation to festival, Music Tea, school events, assemblies… etc
    • Could be part of an outreach program (playing for school fundraiser, Care home concerts…etc) to be developed in cooperation with the music and band department

Required Materials: Fife and Fife Workbook

Material would be included in the price of the joining the club

Costs: TBC